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About Boise County
Boise County real estate for sale in the mountains just north of the city of Boise. Best of both world living.
Boise County LivingBoise County is a wilderness paradise for the avid nature lover and recreational enthusiast! It provides not only wonderful activity opportunities but also some of the finest mountain living in Idaho! Bounded to the South by Bogus Basin and to the North by the Sawtooth Wilderness, Boise County is truly the gateway to adventure in Idaho!

Established in 1864 with it's county seat in historic Idaho City, this area is steeped in a rich history of lumber and gold mining. It's a little known fact that more gold was pulled from this region in the late 1800's than came out of the entire state of Alaska.

Idaho Mountain LivingAs entrance to the Boise National Forest the number of great hiking, fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activates abound! With the recent completion of The Springs, a modern hot spring resort, there has been a major influx and rebirth of the economy locally as thousands of people from all over the state come to enjoy the luxury of a good soak in one of Idaho's favorite hot spots!

The very finest in mountain homes can also be found here, nestled in the hills and forests, co-existing with nature in harmony. We invite you to explore this amazing part of our beautiful state; hope that you will find it as welcoming as we do!